Family Law 

Seeking advice about divorce, relationship breakdown and family matters can be extremely difficult.

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Family Law

Under normal circumstances, family and relationship matters are deeply personal and entirely private between you and those closest to you.
Sometimes however, things can go wrong and you may find yourself in a position where you’re seeking legal help, which involves speaking openly about your personal life with others, and discussing events and circumstances, which may affect you both emotionally and personally.

The family and matrimonial team here at Harvey Roberts Solicitors can offer you legal guidance with:
  - Arrangements relating to the children following the breakdown of a relationship or marriage.
  - Co-Habitation Disputes
  - Contact & Residence
  - Dissolution of Civil Partnerships
  - Divorce
  - Domestic Violence & Abuse
  - Injunctive Proceedings
  - Living Together Agreements
  - Parental Rights
  - Pre-nuptial Agreements
  - Representation in the Family Court
  - The Financial Elements of Divorce & Separation

Family Law

We encourage open and honest communication between our clients and ourselves in order to come up with a solution which best suits everyone involved. We’ve represented a wide range of clients in their family disputes during the last twelve months, including surgeons, doctors, teachers, barristers, accountants, professional footballers and business owners.

We try, wherever possible, to settle disputes without the need for court proceedings. Each of our family and matrimonial team members belong to an organisation called Resolution, that promotes settling disputes by negotiation.
We believe that settling disputes, where possible, without the need for court proceedings helps to considerably reduce acrimony and uncertainty, as well as being less time consuming and costly to all parties involved.
We pride ourselves on remaining professional and sensitive to each case on an individual basis and recognise that no two disputes are the same.

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