Dispute Resolution 

Throughout your lifetime there may be number of occasions when you find yourself involved in a legal dispute 

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Dispute Resolution

This could arise a number of ways, whether you have problems with a loan or find yourself involved in a boundary dispute. Irrespective of the reason, such times can be very stressful and leave you feeling uncertain. 

Our dispute resolution team of solicitors have the experience of dealing with cases of this kind and are here to help you solve a broad range of disputes. We work on your behalf to protect your best interests, whilst resolving your dispute quickly and efficiently.
The dispute resolution team at Harvey Roberts have an impeccable reputation for achieving the best possible results for our clients.

Dispute Resolution

There are a number of different situations that you may find yourself in, where you need the assistance of a dispute resolution solicitor. As experts we can provide practical, common-sense advice on dispute resolution procedures covering matters including:
  - Builder Disputes
  - Car Finance Disputes & Repossession
  - Cavity Wall Insulation – Damp Problems
  - Consumer Disputes
  - Contractual Disputes
  - Debt Repayment
  - Defamation & Slander
  - Flight Compensation Claims
  - Hire Purchase Agreements
  - Holiday & Travel Claims
  - Identity Theft
  - Inheritance & Contesting a Will
  - Landlord & Tenant Disputes
  - Lease Extension Disputes
  - PPI Claims
  - Personal Insolvency
  - Professional Negligence
  - Property Disputes
  - Property Transfer Disputes
  - Unenforceable Credit Agreements
  - Unmarried Property Disputes
  - Disputes Over Wills, Trusts & Estates

If you’re experiencing a dispute of any kind, or feel you’ve been mistreated by a professional in any way,
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